Show Me Your Scondermads!

Scondermads are Smart CONnected Devices using Elastic Resources generating and processing MAssive Data Sets.    Formerly called the “Internet of Things”, examples of new Scondermads are popping up almost daily, threatening to disrupt every industry on earth.

To support a Scondermads, a company must be able to rapidly scale computing resources elastically.    Just like a water hose, a company should be able to turn up or down its computer resources nearly instantly in response to its deployed Scondermads.   A company needs to be able to process massive data sets to help its Scondermads learn, collaborate, or communicate.    Finally, a  company needs tools to process the massive amounts of data created by these Scondermads.     The feasibility and economics of developing Scondermads has been beyond the reach of all but the most deep-pocketed companies and the military – until recently.    With public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, elastic compute resources and tools to capture and analyze huge datasets are now very affordable.   Chips or sensors that monitor such things as environmental data or personal health can now be bought for pennies.

Since first coining the word Scondermads a few weeks ago, a small swarm of them has invaded my inbox.   Some recent examples:

  •  A wearable monitor to drastically reduce hospital time and expense for those suffering from heart disease.
  • A robot that can map an entire building to sync location and directional data to a smartphone personal assistant for visitors to a hospital or museum.
  • A hands-free, voice-activated, google glass enabled device to help agricultural yields for farmers

Are you developing a Scondermad?   I would love to hear about it.


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