Thanksgiving for Developers

Every Thanksgiving, I always try to remember to thank God, friends, family, and those that keep us healthy, safe, and happy and contribute to making the world a better place.   Over the past decades, those that have deserved thanks have included our soldiers, doctors, firemen, police, teachers, and government.   This year, and for the foreseeable future, we should remember to give thanks to software developers.   In this new digital world, software will make the world a better place.

  • Software will power the driver-less car, making safe automobile travel possible for everyone, including my 80+ year old mother.
  • Software will enable individualized healthcare, with less hospital time needed for diagnosis and treatment.
  • New treatments and cures for diseases will be discovered by software analyzing real-time treatment results from wearable health tracking devices.
  • World hunger can be mostly eliminated through software apps to better manage food distribution, weather forecasting, insect and crop disease control.    Better crops can be engineered by software analyzing crop yields, disease resistance and other factors.
  • Pollution can be reduced through more efficient factories, transportation and distribution –  again, all made possible by software.

With cloud computing, new big data toolsets, and inexpensive monitoring devices for nearly everything in the “Internet of Things”, software developers now have the ability to truly change the world.   Thanks to all our employees at Relus Technologies for sharing this vision with me.   And thanks to our partners who are teaming with us and our customers to make this a reality.  Thanks to the developers!


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