10 Worst Interview Questions

In my career I have interviewed hundreds, probably thousands of people.   In nearly every interview, I have usually wrapped up with something like “So, do you have any more questions?”    Candidates have often done well in the interview for 30 or 45 minutes only to kill themselves in the end.   My top 10 worst ever actual candidate questions are as follows:

#10  Do you pay moving expenses? (this from a guy who lived 15 miles from our office).

#9  Do your benefits cover addictions to illegal drugs?

#8  Can I bring my rock collection to the office?

#7  Do you like cats?

#6  Can you call me a taxi?

#5  If I am not interested, will you hire my boyfriend?

#4  How long are you going to work here? – I want your job.

#3.  What would happen if you hired me and then found out I had a criminal record?

#2.  How many times a week am I allowed to come in late?

#1.  What’s the name of this company again?

Relus Technologies is looking for several great candidates for sales, marketing, cloud architects and engineers.   We would love to talk to you about career opportunities – but hope you don’t ask me any of the above.


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