Calling All Gwinnett Startups

Twenty years ago, Technology Park in Peachtree Corners was a hub for technology companies in Atlanta. Today, however, the buildings seem tired, with many sporting sale and lease signs in their windows. Occupancy rates are at an all-time low.

I am hoping for a resurgence of growth and investment in the area – led by the growth in Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing

The barriers to entry for new technology companies are arguably at the lowest point in history, yet startups still need support from the community. Today, one person with a great idea, some determination, and technical chops can build an app or design a new connected device. However, making the company successful might require a village.

Entrepreneurs need advice on legal, marketing, sales, development, strategy, securing capital, contracts, accounting, and patents, among other subjects and strategies. However, getting good advice can be time-consuming and costly. Technology incubators and accelerators have often filled this gap. By providing a place for like-minded startups to collaborate, entrepreneurs can learn from each other. They can often share resources, saving on legal and accounting bills. They may even leverage each other’s customer and vendor base, helping all companies in the incubator succeed.

In the past few months, I have been involved in numerous conversations about starting an incubator or business accelerator in Peachtree Corners. There is no doubt that, if successful, it would greatly benefit our community. But – if I build it, will they come? Detractors have advised me that startups want to be down by Georgia Tech. However, some entrepreneurs have told me they would welcome an option in Peachtree Corners. I think a core group of 20 startups, each with 2-5 people, would be an awesome catalyst for growth in the area.

Are there 20 startups in the Norcross area? If you are one of them, I would love to hear from you.

Calling all entrepreneurs!


One comment

  1. Hi Mark – I’m intrigued by an incubator or business accelerator in Peachtree Corners. I would love to learn more and how it could be applicable to my data analytics start-up.


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