Steal My Idea!

Entrepreneurs are usually “idea people,” and I have had my share of good and bad ideas.   I have thought of hundreds if not thousands of new business venture ideas over the past few years.   Most, if not all of them, would have required commitment, time, and expertise that I certainly did not have – not while running another company.   In the meantime, I am thinking of starting an incubator in Peachtree Corners.   I wish I could remember all the ideas, but for now I will try to remember three of them. Two of which I think are good ones and one not so much.  You can decide for yourself  which category each idea belongs.   Also, I have neither patented nor researched any of these, nor do I intend to pursue them.   If you like it, feel free to “steal my idea,” but only steal it if you promise to launch your company in my incubator.

Idea #1:   Beer Me. Think of Uber but for beer.  You could call it OoBeer or BeerMe.    Sober drivers could make extra cash by keeping some cold brews in the trunk.   If an OoBeer member clicks the Keg icon on their phone, an OoBeer driver is there momentarily with some ice cold brews.   Uber drivers might want to join Oobeer for the chance to double up income in a single trip.

Idea #2:   24/7 Review.   In most companies, employees get reviews once a year.   With 24/7 Review, co-workers can give any other co-worker an anonymous thumbs-up or thumbs-down at any time.   At every meeting, even every interaction, employees will be instantly reviewed, including the boss.   Options for 24/7 review might include:  limiting the times you can review,  who you can review, or categorizing your vote based on performance, attitude, etc.   Additionally, companies could add websites, products, and other internal promotions to the 24/7 Review App for instant feedback.

Idea #3:  CritterID.   Many times, when I have been fishing, I have caught an unidentifiable creature.   With CritterID, you only need to take a quick picture of the animal with your smartphone, and CritterID will compare with its database and return the likely identification within milliseconds.   Large-mouth bass, Alligator, Bull Frog, Snapping Turtle, Moray Eel, and Brown Pelican are some of the “critters” I have caught.   Some I could identify, but others I could not.   With CritterID, I would know instantly.    Version 2.0 could include recipes for your catch – assuming it is edible.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas.   Whether  you launch your own idea or take one of these, I am thinking that a technology incubator in Peachtree Corners would be great launching pad for your company.   Let me know what you think.

Mike Linksvayer. Idea. March 14, 2012. Online image. Flickr.


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