Month: January 2015

Swimmers: 3 Steps to Find a Job

I recently posted a blog on the 5 Reasons Employers Should Hire Swimmers.  The post received nearly 80,000 views from swimmers all over the world.

I was surprised by many of the comments I received. For example, several said something like, “Thanks, I am now going to put my swimming career on my resume.”  I was obviously wondering why it wasn’t already there, in bold print! Parents of swimmers often commented with statements like, “I am showing this to my daughter to demonstrate that hard work may help her succeed in a business career.”  Again, I would have thought that was obvious.



Make It Fun

One of my goals in starting Relus Technologies has been to create an exceptional work environment.   Last year, we were named one of the best places to work in Atlanta, so I think we are well on our way to that goal.   We created an industry-leading compensation plan for our Infrastructure, Cloud, and Staffing teams, which undoubtedly has more upside than most plans in our space. But, for 2015, we have added a few new things to our sales compensation plan to ensure we retain our best employees and attract more team members with great skills.


Big Idea 2015 – Innovate or Perish

Dear Fortune 500 CEO,

The results of your tests are in—your company only has five years left to live! You move at the typical snail’s pace of a big company, caught up in bureaucracy and quarterly earnings calls. Your death is inevitable—your billions of dollars of revenue will evaporate quickly, shifting to a company that is just starting up this year, crowd-funded, launched in the cloud, with a new business model you did not think was viable or even possible.


My Favorite Tech Blog of 2014


I read 100’s of  technology blogs in 2014:  some were enlightening, some were trivial, and some were educational.   There was only one that I wanted to go back and read again and again.

2014 was year of incredible technology change and disruption..   The sheer number of innovations, new applications, and new company launches was almost over-whelming.    Keeping up with the latest news in technology has become increasingly more difficult – there is just so much information to digest.    So, a few months ago, I asked our salespeople to all write a blog and I would pick the best one to be featured on our website.   I wanted them to write about some new technology trends that might be important to our customers.   To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting anything great –  writing blogs is not high on their priority list when they have a quota to attain.

The result was a personal story from one of my Senior Account Executives that not only touched my heart but showed a different side of technology.   Technology can make companies more efficient, it can facilitate change, and  it can accelerate product launches.  Technology also has the power to make an unexpected difference in the life of one special girl.   I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have.

Thanks for reading

Get Jack’ed in 2015!

Throughout my career, I have started small companies and worked at large Fortune 500 companies, and in both scenarios there was a strong belief in conducting annual planning sessions to prepare for the coming year. A little over a year ago, I founded Relus Technologies, my fourth start-up, and we are now going through this same exercise. I have learned a ton in past iterations of business plans, and I will hopefully use some of this knowledge in preparing our 2015 plan.