First Tenant Lands at Peachtree Corners Technology Incubator

In some recent blogs, I have written about the need for a technology incubator in Peachtree Corners, and the types of companies that would likely thrive in this type of environment.

The incubator is still just an idea—but an idea that is rapidly gaining steam and interest in the community. Incubators have thrived inside the perimeter—ATV and ATDC have potential tenants lined up to apply for admission. However, out here in the suburbs, people have questioned whether we have the “cool factor,” the access to smart people, or the entrepreneurial spirit of those in the city. My guess is that we can create this environment, and that some of these entrepreneurs actually live right here among us and commute to the incubators in the city—wishing there was a Gwinnett option to avoid hours in the car.

One such entrepreneur read one of my blogs and contacted me – Bruce Rasa, Founder of TekWear. I am happy to announce that his company is the first tenant in the new Peachtree Corners Technology Incubator. For now, let’s call it PCTI. It would be a huge exaggeration to say that PCTI is actually an incubator at this point – TekWear moved in months before an intended ribbon cutting. They are here before we have any programs to help entrepreneurs, before investors have visited to listen to pitches, and before we even have any dedicated “cool” furniture. However, getting into the incubator early seemed like a good idea to Bruce, and now he and his team can also get to the office early – saving the extra hour-long drive to the city. Two other technology entrepreneurs are also looking to move in within the next few weeks.

TekWear is an exciting company to be launching in Peachtree Corners – a food & agricultural technology company focused on developing a cloud-based voice capture & reporting service for on-the-go professionals.  They have a patent-pending technology which can be leveraged by smartphones and multiple wearable technologies including smart glasses, smart watches, and other hands-free devices. This system helps food & agriculture professionals, farmers, and the trusted partners that support them, to work safely and more efficiently.

If their platform can become a leader in this space, TekWear will create many jobs in Peachtree Corners—all from these humble beginnings as our first PCTI tenant. Hopefully, many more promising companies will follow TekWear’s lead and pull off Peachtree Industrial into Tech Park, miles before the traffic piles up on 285.

Do you know any Technology Startups in Gwinnett?  Let them know about PCTI.


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