Incubator in Peachtree Corners Announces Second Tenant – Motivdeals!

We haven’t officially opened yet, but the need for a local business accelerator seems obvious, and companies are already moving in. Small companies in Gwinnett and the surrounding area are looking for all of the advantages of an incubator, but without the commute to Midtown. With growing interest and excitement of the possibility of a local incubator, we are proud to be able to house these entrepreneurs. Peachtree Corners Technology Incubator, PCTI, is located right off Peachtree Industrial and is dedicating over 20,000 square feet of space for qualifying start-up companies.

Kyle Valencia, CEO of Motivdeals

Kyle Valencia, CEO of Motivdeals

Our first tenant to make its home in PCTI is TekWear, and we are now pleased to welcome our second official tenant, Motivdeals. Kyle Valencia, CEO of Motivdeals, heard about our project and saw the immediate advantages for his business. Motivdeals is looking to help ease the fundraising process by making the deals digital. After being approached year after year by football players looking to sell plastic fundraising cards, Valencia realized there was an open opportunity here that needed further investigation. Never losing sight of the ever-expanding opportunities in technology, Valencia began to explore the possibilities and created Motivdeals in January 2013.



What exactly is Motivdeals all about? Whether it be raising money to support the ongoing cure for cancer, or helping your sports team collect enough money to buy your dream uniforms, Motivdeals is at your service. Motivdeals is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider that is user friendly for fundraisers and donors alike. Non-profit organizations sell 12-month memberships to donors. From there, the donors become members and select the deals they would like to redeem from the array of restaurants and other local businesses that may be featured. Those deals are automatically emailed directly to their smartphones, enabling Motivdeals members to simply show the store clerk the “redeem now” button at the point of purchase. Not only does Motivdeals help fundraising, but it also gives local food and service companies an advertising platform. Motivdeals is currently focusing on sports teams; with over 400 high schools in the state alone, each with multiple operating sports and clubs, this is where much of their attention lies. They also do some work with other organizations such as churches or art clubs.
We are looking forward to helping Motivdeals grow in our community, and we encourage other technology startups to look into this emerging local incubator.


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