3rd Tenant to Move in to Peachtree Corners Technology Incubator

PCTI has landed its 3rd tenant, Novarata. Novarata builds apps for mobile workforces such as sales people, store associates, technicians and engineers at companies all over the world, and it is constantly growing every day. They create B2B and internal workforce applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android. They put key business processes on mobile devices and integrate them with cloud systems like Salesforce.com, NetSuite and Amazon Web Services. Novarata’s apps use a mix of native iOS applications and proprietary frameworks for data collection, image capture, e-commerce, and security. They can deploy apps through the App Store, Apple Enterprise, and Google Play or implement MDM in solutions like AirWatch and SureMDM.

Chris Hamilton, CEO of Novarata

Chris Hamilton, CEO of Novarata

Founder Chris Hamilton has been a technology professional for 10 years. At one point in his career, he was the CTO for a retail company and became very interested in using smartphones and tablets for business. He thought the clunky handhelds that were used for barcode scanning in stores and warehouses were eventually going to get replaced with iPhones, so he jumped in and started working on mobile. In 2012, Hamilton started Novarata in order to have more control over his choice of projects; it became immediately apparent that there were plenty of companies who wanted to integrate their business processes with iPhones and iPads. Their first client was a civil engineering firm who wanted to replace paper with ruggedized tablets for their engineers in the field.

Hamilton met Relus at a TAG event and was impressed with the company. After a tour of the space, he was even more impressed with what we were doing here. He believes that incubators are great environments with a lot of internal energy. Novarata is looking forward to becoming a part of a community that is full of potential partners.


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