Sonline is Always Online at the New Peachtree Corners Incubator

Sonline, the fourth startup to launch business in the Peachtree Corners incubator, provides IT Solutions & Services to US customers 24/7 by leveraging the global workforce. Suri Anantharama, Founder and CEO of Sonline, has over 20 years of experience in designing and promoting Enterprise IT solutions to over 300 customers. This will certainly come to play while working with Peachtree Corners Technology Incubator (PCTI) startups; by leveraging their global resources, Sonline can help the organizations build their solutions quickly and focus on their Go-To-Market.

Sonline CEO, Suri Anantharama

Sonline CEO, Suri Anantharama

Sonline specializes in mobile apps development, application integration, big data text, social analytics, and responsive websites.  They save 30% on typical projects such as mobile apps, websites (they have pre-built templates that provide the application framework), standard API for Facebook, Google+ authentication, responsive prototypes, UI wireframes and report templates. In addition, they utilize the online project management dashboard to oversee project status, milestones, and resource utilization online.

On the customer side of things, Sonline gives the jump start individuals need to visualize their end solution and make informed decisions. They work closely with customers to understand their requirements, provide solution design and architecture, and utilize global partners to develop the solution, implementation, training, and ongoing maintenance.

There is constant demand for a dependable and efficient support staff. Market studies indicate that customers in the US face challenges in obtaining reliable and cost effective resources to manage their infrastructure. Sonline uses automated tools to proactively identify events and address them before they become incidents. By following ITIL standards in providing service delivery and service support, they are then better able to track their customers’ performance.

13339786034_ec59232c01_nAnantharama considers CEO of Relus Technologies, Mark Metz, a mentor in his entrepreneurial quest. They have worked on projects in the past, and Anantharama respects Metz’s alacrity when it comes to decision making. He was extremely happy to hear about PCTI and thought it would be a perfect place to learn, contribute, and excel.

For Sonline, one additional benefit of PCTI is the focus on enterprise IT solutions. Relus Technologies and ATADATA, who occupy space in the same building, are well-connected with enterprise IT decision-makers in Gwinnett and across the United States. The benefit of possible introductions and partnerships between Sonline and these companies is priceless. The main focus of other incubators seems to be consumer apps, but Sonline has solutions for large enterprises – and should thrive in PCTI.

Picture Obtained from: Fredrik Alpstedt 


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