Incubating the Iron Man of Automated Migration

At the beginning of 2015, I wrote a blog post, “Get Jack’ed in 2015.” Drawing from my experience and from the inspiration of wanting to create an incubator for tech startups, I went on to discuss what I believed to be the Top 3 keys to success for businesses to not only survive, but thrive, in the upcoming year – Be Nimble, Be Quick, Jump Over the Candlestick.

Well, we haven’t stopped jumping and as a matter of fact, we’re now in good company. The inspiration to create a tech startup incubator has become a reality and I introduced the first 5 tech startups on April 1st at 22 Technology Parkway in Peachtree Corners, GA. The event, “5 Startups, 5 Pitches, 5 Minutes” gave each startup only 5 minutes to give their pitch to a diverse audience who came to learn about the featured startup businesses.

Among the featured five (and there are more who have moved in since then, but that’s another post), ATADATA was the very first tech startup at 22 Technology Parkway. And this being the first follow-up about the incubator since I first wrote about it my December 9thpost, I thought shining a spotlight on our inaugural tenant would be a good place to start.

When you hear about Fortune 500 and 1000 companies “moving to the cloud” or the importance of server portability, then what you may not know is that ATADATA is one of the leading software “engines” that actually clones and moves server environments, including databases (source environment) to the new virtual private cloud environment (target). And, they’re getting ready to take over this niche space… automated migration.

But, it isn’t that they just move data or “lift and land” – it’s HOW they do it that sets them apart. They create blueprints of the source environments using an automated proprietary discovery technology. What is typically a highly manual process and takes months to accomplish, ATADATA does in a matter of weeks. And, ATADATA can migrate across any platform, hence their namesake ATADATA – Any-To-Any. Unlike their competitors, they can move customers into all major public and virtual private clouds, such as AWS, Google, SoftLayer, and Azure.

They’re like the superhero of the migration space – a deep-rooted foundation in technology, a bit like Tony Stark but in datacenter migration, with all kinds of automated bells and whistles that make server migrations faster, more accurate, more secure and a whole lot easier. They’ve even been called in to “save” a project or two in order to deliver on the promise that other technologies just couldn’t deliver.

With the growth of enterprises moving to the cloud over the next two years, ATADATA is poised for explosive growth.

If this B2B software startup’s success is any indicator as to how a startup can benefit and thrive in an incubator environment then let’s keep it going! Like I said last December, “Calling all entrepreneurs!”


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