Startups Ready to Pitch Their Ideas at 22TechPark

22TechPark is North Atlanta’s new premiere tech incubator- a catalyst for technology companies to grow in the area.   We focus on fostering the growth of technology start-ups.  Incubators are a great way to form connections with people of similar interests.  Startups need to know about customers, vendors, and investors; they need mentors to help them figure out which pitfalls to avoid – all services provided by 22TechPark.

Located in Peachtree Corners, 22TechPark hopes to help the city benefit with new high-paying jobs when these companies succeed and grow.  22TechPark has the potential to start a revitalization of Technology Park, which will then obviously benefit all the local businesses, restaurants, and  residential real estate.

While our previous Pitch Offs have been successful, this 3rd Pitch event promises to be our best one yet.  With a variety of companies pitching, your interest is sure to be piqued.  Given only 5 minutes to present their company, these entrepreneurs will not only try to dazzle the audience, but will also receive constructive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their pitches.

Hear from these entrepreneurs:

Buffboxx: The evolution of fitness has seen many changes. First there was Buns of Steel and P90X, now the craze is CrossFit. The unwavering constant is that society wants and feels the need to be fit. Buffboxx brings fitness to its subscriber’s every month! This fitness subscription box is the first to deliver an array of premium, name-brand fitness products while also providing incomparable services to its suppliers! #buffboxx #fitnessdelivered

GreenRings: GreenRings is the small group communication product that people will use all day every day. Small group communication is the one category of communication products that does not have a titan of industry. GreenRings has created a new technology for group communication that they believe will give them the win in this category. They promise to deliver a very exciting pitch as they have been working in-depth with several mentors at ATDC such as Richard Nailling and Harold Brown.

Prissy Tomboy: Prissy Tomboy is a community of girls who empower and inspire each other to live a healthy lifestyle. They connect their members with a wide variety of local sports and adventure activities through their online community that provides a place to gain inspiration, ideas, knowledge and resources that support their fitness and athletic goals.

Trendbrew: TrendBrew is a Social Commerce Platform, which can be realized as open and free application for consumers and offered as a white labeled enterprise cloud (SaaS) solution for businesses. The 2 core aspects of TrendBrew Social Commerce Solution are Social. Trending and Personalized Commerce platforms. Social Trending Platform – Source and Destination for consumers to start and follow trends on products/offers across different e-commerce categories. Personalized Commerce Platform – Consumer driven commerce platform realized through matching best buying options, crowd deals and card linked offers to consumer’s wishes and interests.

This is an event you don’t want to miss- register here!

Header Photo Courtesy of Sigita JP



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