What Do Atlanta Startups Need?

At 22TechPark, we are working to build an incubator that will help companies successfully launch their business. While we provide a place for entrepreneurs to flourish within an environment that is conducive to teamwork, sharing, and execution, there come many questions and needs. Among these concerns, investment, connections, space to work, customers, and marketing prove to be the most prevalent.

Many inventors have great ideas- they have spent long, strenuous hours researching and developing their initial idea, and now they think it’s time to discuss with an engineer, developer, or customer. But, what’s next? Should you disclose or protect your idea first?  What can you do to protect your idea so that it cannot be stolen? Is a patent or trademark in your company’s near future? The process of getting trademarks or patents can be confusing and expensive. When should you file your patent applications? Is patent protection even necessary for your startup? How does one come up with a trademark? Find out these answers and more-Join us at 22TechPark this Thursday, August 13th at 12pm as our three expert panelists answer any looming questions you may have about IP and patents, and learn what it takes to become a success story in the startup world.

Learn more about our speakers:

Mat Grell: Mat Grell is the founding partner at the Balser & Grell IP Law firm, is managing the law firm and running the law firm office in Atlanta, GA and is the founder of Inventor Start Kit an online self-help resource for inventors. Mat graduated from Western Michigan School of Law and the University of Iowa in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Mat has been General Counsel for a telecom optical hardware and software startup, a patent attorney for a local boutique IP firm, and patent licensing counsel for the University of California system before founding Balser & Grell IP Law firm in 2008 now with 3 offices in Atlanta, Charlotte and New Orleans.

Yuri Eliezer: Yuri Eliezer heads the intellectual property practice group at Founders Legal. As an entrepreneur who saw the importance of early-stage patent protection, Yuri founded SmartUp®. Legal mistakes can doom even the best startup concepts and founding teams. It is important to know who owns the IP, the proper timing for registration, and how to enforce your legal rights. Clients he has served include Microsoft, Cisco, Cox, AT&T, General Electric, Georgia Institute of Technology and Coca-Cola.

Lee Strasburger: Lee Strasburger is an attorney at Morris, Manning & Martin, where he practices in all areas of intellectual property law, including patent prosecution, trademark prosecution, copyright, and trade secret.  In particular, he has experience working with emerging technology and start-up companies to develop business plans, protect IP assets with IP strategies and policies, and manage IP portfolios.  Lee also has experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of computer software and computer-implemented technologies, electronic commerce and payment systems, social media technologies, electronic medical records and healthcare systems, network security, “green” technologies, and many others.

We want to see you at this Lunch n’ Learn sponsored by Morris, Manning, & Martin. Register here.

Header photo courtesy of: Joshua Gajownik


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