Community Spotlight: MotivDeals Lands Partnership with LakePoint Sports

What is MotivDeals Fundraising?

MotivDeals fundraising is the digital version of those plastic fundraising deal cards and booklets that organizations sell to local residents in order to raise money. The old way was to sell a physical deal card or booklet with deals on them, requiring the customer to physically keep the card on them in order to redeem. But now, MotivDeals introduces the sales of memberships to local residents that allows people to receive local deals through their smart phone.

Recently, MotivDeals Fundraising has developed a great partnership with LakePoint Sports!

What is LakePoint Sports?

LakePoint Sports is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s largest and most exceptional destinations for travel sports. With over 1,400 acres of land nestled near the beautiful North Georgia Mountains, LakePoint will offer state-of-the-art sports venues. With nearly five million square feet of special amenities including themed retail, onsite hotels, restaurants, ziplines, water parks and many more attractions, there’s sure to be enough fun for the entire family.

LakePoint Pic

MotivDeals and LakePoint Collaborate

The LakePoint Deals Applications have successfully been accepted into the iOS & Android stores and are currently in beta testing. What next, you ask? MotivDeals and LakePoint plan to roll out their deal platform in early 2016.  This platform will be 100% free for the millions of LakePoint guests each year, and the Atlanta businesses will have a great opportunity to partner with LakePoint to gain some premium advertisement space targeting out of town visitors!

This collaboration will also open the doors for MotivDeals and give exposure to millions of sports teams from across the country, allowing them too, to #FundraiseAnywhere!

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Kyle Head ShotMotivDeals founder, Kyle Valencia, is a dynamic, high-energy leader who strives to excel in innovation specializing in marketing, sales, product, and management, and aims to amplify business development. Valencia was a key factor in all negotiations with LakePoint Deals.




Community Spotlight: Moxie Sports | Going, Going, Launched

Welcome to the first Community Spotlight blog regarding the awesome companies we are helping launch at 22TechPark. Highlighted this week is Moxie Sports.   With Moxie Sports, 22TechPark has helped get needed funding to launch their application, provided space to collaborate and made some very strategic introductions.

The Pitch

Sports + Technology: It’s not an obsession, it’s a passion.

The confusion and disconnect among organizers of events, coaches, parents, and players has been consistently growing- until now! Moxie Sports is solving these growing problems through innovative software solutions in the form of web apps and native mobile development. Their solutions allow users to create, search, and follow as many teams as they choose and have all the team calendars, rosters and information sync in real-time across any native calendar platform. There are numerous existing calendars that allow communication in a linear path, but none compare to Moxie Sport’s new developed process for omni-directional communication.

How does it Work?

Sports Managing Made Easy

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What’s Happening Now?

“With the support of 22TechPark, we have been able to enter our market with a great first generation of our iPhone app. We’re already onboarding many teams and organizations (to the app) and look forward to continued growth.” – Roman Grimaldi, Co-Founder and CEO of Moxie Sports

After a successful seed round led by 22TechPark, Moxie Sports has released its first app to the Apple App Store. iOS launched October 15th, and in just 18 days, they acquired nearly 1,000 active users. Join the movement- make Moxie Sports your #1-desired application for sports team management and group communication, and get this FREE app today!

Follow Moxie Sports
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoxieSportsInc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moxiesports/
Instagram: @moxiesports


CO-Founder & CEO Roman Grimaldi is a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning designer, former Division I athlete, and extremely passionate about sports and technology. He made a name for himself over the years through innovative and daring design, having work displayed at TEDx events, showcased in art galleries, and has been chosen by leading design magazines as a top 30 designer under 30 and a top 30 Under 30 in Atlanta Technology.

What Do Atlanta Startups Need?

At 22TechPark, we are working to build an incubator that will help companies successfully launch their business. While we provide a place for entrepreneurs to flourish within an environment that is conducive to teamwork, sharing, and execution, there come many questions and needs. Among these concerns, investment, connections, space to work, customers, and marketing prove to be the most prevalent.

Many inventors have great ideas- they have spent long, strenuous hours researching and developing their initial idea, and now they think it’s time to discuss with an engineer, developer, or customer. But, what’s next? Should you disclose or protect your idea first?  What can you do to protect your idea so that it cannot be stolen? Is a patent or trademark in your company’s near future? The process of getting trademarks or patents can be confusing and expensive. When should you file your patent applications? Is patent protection even necessary for your startup? How does one come up with a trademark? Find out these answers and more-Join us at 22TechPark this Thursday, August 13th at 12pm as our three expert panelists answer any looming questions you may have about IP and patents, and learn what it takes to become a success story in the startup world.

Startups Ready to Pitch Their Ideas at 22TechPark

22TechPark is North Atlanta’s new premiere tech incubator- a catalyst for technology companies to grow in the area.   We focus on fostering the growth of technology start-ups.  Incubators are a great way to form connections with people of similar interests.  Startups need to know about customers, vendors, and investors; they need mentors to help them figure out which pitfalls to avoid – all services provided by 22TechPark.

Located in Peachtree Corners, 22TechPark hopes to help the city benefit with new high-paying jobs when these companies succeed and grow.  22TechPark has the potential to start a revitalization of Technology Park, which will then obviously benefit all the local businesses, restaurants, and  residential real estate.

While our previous Pitch Offs have been successful, this 3rd Pitch event promises to be our best one yet.  With a variety of companies pitching, your interest is sure to be piqued.  Given only 5 minutes to present their company, these entrepreneurs will not only try to dazzle the audience, but will also receive constructive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their pitches.

Hear from these entrepreneurs: