Don’t Do This On Your First Day!

My very  first day at my very first job was not one of my proudest moments.   In fact, I don’t think I ever told my mom about this event, so I hope she doesn’t read this blog!

Fresh out of Furman University, I was ready to start my career at Milliken and Company in Spartanburg, South Carolina.   With one weekend left before we entered “the real world”, my buddies and I decided to have a Friday night “keg” party at our apartment.  



10 Worst Interview Questions

In my career I have interviewed hundreds, probably thousands of people.   In nearly every interview, I have usually wrapped up with something like “So, do you have any more questions?”    Candidates have often done well in the interview for 30 or 45 minutes only to kill themselves in the end.   My top 10 worst ever actual candidate questions are as follows: