Hiringasaurus-Rex: The Ultimate Office Predator

Before office dinosaurs ruled the business world, managers interviewed and hired employees based on who they thought would perform best in the job. They also had the freedom to fire those who weren’t performing and to give raises as they saw fit based on performance. As the company grew, HR departments started helping managers with the hiring and firing process. In theory, it all made sense and usually worked well. HR professionals were trained at screening candidates, following applicable laws, and describing corporate benefit plans. Managers even liked that some of the tedious process of interviewing was no longer on their plate.



Thanksgiving for Developers

Every Thanksgiving, I always try to remember to thank God, friends, family, and those that keep us healthy, safe, and happy and contribute to making the world a better place.   Over the past decades, those that have deserved thanks have included our soldiers, doctors, firemen, police, teachers, and government.   This year, and for the foreseeable future, we should remember to give thanks to software developers.   In this new digital world, software will make the world a better place.